Make an appointment

At GP practice Dapperbuurt you can make an appointment with the GP, GP practice assistant or POH.
For this you can contact the practice by telephone Monday until Friday in the morning from 08.00 until 12.00 hours and in the afternoon from 14.00 until 15.00 hours via number 020 665 1411 (option 3).
If you want to make an appointment for the regular consultation hour of the GP, you can also use our web agenda.

  • Make appointment via telephone
    When you call for an appointment the assistant will ask you some questions. All of our assistants are trained to make the best possible assessment of the nature and urgency of your complaints or questions. Some questions, the assistant will be able to answer directly, for others you will be called back or an appointment will be scheduled for you. The assistant also want to know your question to ensure you get an appointment with the right care provider.
    The assistant is (as well as the GP and POH) obliged to handle your information privately.
    If the assistant has given you advice, this will be discussed with the GP the same day.

    If you prefer to make an appointment with a specific GP, you can indicate this. We try to take your wishes into account as much as possible, but cannot guarantee that it will always succeed.
    The intention is that you return to the same GP for a previous problem.
  • Make appointment via web agenda
    If you are registered at our practice you can use our web agenda. For this you click on the icon Web agenda at the homepage.

Regular consultation hour GP
For a GP consultation we reserve 10 minutes that are basically meant for the treatment of 1 question. 

In order to optimally use the time you have with the GP, it helps to prepare your appointment. Among other things the GP would like to know how long your complaint already exists, how it started, what the complaint affects, what you have already done yourself, what your thoughts are about what is going on and what you think is best to be done.
Also it is convenient, when physical examination is required, that you dress easily and already take off your coat in the waiting room and leave it there.

If you think you need more time, for example because you have one big problem or several questions or because a longer conversation is appropriate, mention this when you make an appointment by telephone. Then we can reserve more time.
If you use the web agenda you make a regular appointment, for a double appointment you call the GP practice assistant.

Home visit GP
If you want a home visit the same day, we ask you to request this before 11.00 hours.

Emergency / urgent matters
For emergency situations on working days from 08.00 until 17.00 hours you call our emergency line via number: 020 665 1411 (option 1). Please do not misuse this.
For urgent medical matters that cannot wait until the next working day you can call us on working days in the morning until 12.00 hours and in the afternoon from 14.00 hours via number: 020 665 1411 (option 3).
For urgent matters outside opening hours you call Huisartsenposten Amsterdam (GP post) via number: 088 00 30 600

Life threatening situations
In a life threatening situation you call 112