GP practice assistant

At GP practice Dapperbuurt you can turn to the GP practice assistant for general assistancy, for specific assistancy and for the warts consultation hour.

  • General assistancy
    The GP practice assistant is the first person you speak to when you call the practice or when you report at the reception.
    You can turn to the assistants to make appointments, to request repeat prescriptions and to request the results of research. They also know answers to many practical questions and are competent to advise you on common complaints.
  • Specific assistancy
    The GP practice assistants are trained to preform various medical handlings such as:
    • taking care of wounds
    • measuring blood pressure
    • the removal of stitches
    • the spouting of ears
    • perform urine tests
    • doing glucose checks
    • perform pregnancy tests
    • taking cervical smears in the context of the population screening
    Specific assistancy handlings are done every working day. For this you have to make an appointment by telephone.
  • Warts consultation hour
    To the warts consultation hour you have to be referred by the general practitioner.
    The GP practice assistants keep this consultation hour and treat the warts with liquid nitrogen, which is also called 'to touch on warts'.

Make an appointment
You can make an appointment by contacting the practice by telephone.