Care area

Our practice is open to new patients who reside in our care area; currently we only accept patients who live in de the postal code areas 1092, 1093 and 1094 (which is a smaller area than you see on the map below). 

If in future we decide to enlarge this area again, we will make this known through this website. For the time being we give people in the neighborhood of the practice a change to register.

You can fill in and provide us with the registration form online. Be aware: your registration is valid after you have identified yourself in our practice. You can then make an appointment. This is in accordance with the law.

We like to get acquianted with our new patients, for this please make an appointment through our GP practice assistant.

Partners or children of current patients who reside at the same address within the care area, also are welcome of course.

The care area (also known as postal code area) is the geografical region around the GP practice that can be reached within 15 minutes so, in an emeregency situation, the general practitioner can be on site within this time frame. This time frame is in accordance with the guidelines of the National GP Association (LHV).


Image of care area

Data by contributors under CC BY-SA 2.0 license.