Life threatening situations
In a life threatening situation you call 112

Emergency during opening hours
For urgent matters on working days from 08.00 until 17.00 hours you call our emergency line via number: 020 665 1411 (option 1). Please do not misuse this.

Emergency outside opening hours
For urgent matters outside opening hours you call Huisartsenposten Amsterdam (GP post) via number: 088 00 30 600
The GP post can be reached by telephone Monday until Friday from 17.00 until 08.00 hours and during weekends and on public holidays 24 hours a day.
At the GP post you will only be helped for matters that can not wait until normal working hours and after a telephone appointment.
Huisartsenposten Amsterdam is located at several locations. Where you can be helped depends on the time.

When you call Huisartsenposten Amsterdam you can be helped faster if you have the following information present:

  • your date of birth, name, zip code and house number
  • your phone number
  • the name of your GP
  • your health insurance number
  • description of your complaint(s)
  • your medical history (major disorders / diseases / allergies)
  • the medication that you use
  • your proof of identity (To the GP post? Bring your identification)

Take into account higher rates that are charged by the pharmacy if you get medication during the evening, night or in the weekends.